President's Teaching Scholars Program



Paul Harvey

History Department

HIST 300 (Race, War and Genocide in the U.S. and Germany, 1865-1965) Course Description:

My colleague Robert Sackett (a German historian) and I have designed a new course, which we're currently teaching in the History Department at UCCS: Race, War and Genocide in the U.S. and Germany, 1865-1965." In the course we're trying to broaden students' approaches most especially to studying war and genocide in the 19th and 20th centuries, by incorporating experiences of blacks and Indians in the U.S. to the more familiar stories of European Jews. We're also comparing literature about "coming to the terms with the past" in the post-WW II U.S. South and Germany. We have 45 students in the course and it seems to be going very well. This new course has been the result of years of conversations between Professor Sackett and myself, focused on the question of how the racial terrorism practiced against blacks did not devolve into a larger-scale genocide, while the relatively hopeful situation of Jews in Germany around 1900 descended into the Holocaust.