President's Teaching Scholars Program




Michael Grant

EPO Biology Department

EPOB 4410/5410 (Biometry) Course Descriptions:

Biometry is designed as a hands-on, methods-oriented course in (mostly) univariate statistical inference designed for professional-biologists-in-waiting with deficient or non-existent backgrounds in statistics. In particular, the course focuses on developing a frame of mind in which uncertainty is an ever-present element. The course contains an introduction to classic, basic and fundamental data analysis concepts such as point and interval estimators, sampling, inference, effect sizes, graphical data interpretation and presentation, formal hypothesis testing, experimental design and practical methodological considerations of biological data analysis. It aims to show how statistical analysis can be a very useful tool—not a panacea—in biological investigation and also in being an educated citizen. The course does not provide a thorough background in probability theory nor will it be oriented toward the mathematical bases of the various statistical methodologies except as minimally necessary for proper application of those methodologies. It should be thought of and labeled as a first course in ‘data analysis’ rather than as a true mathematical statistics course.