President's Teaching Scholars Program




John Falconer

Chemical and Biological Engineering Department

CHEN3320 (Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics) Course Description:

I am teaching Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, CHEN 3320, a 3-credit hour course that prepares students to master topics including thermodynamic principles in non-ideal systems, phase equilibrium, chemical equilibrium, power generation, refrigeration and chemical processes.  By attending lecture students are given the opportunity to engage in active and innovative learning techniques.  In this course we assess student’s understanding with ConcepTests and use clickers to get feedback.  Outside of lecture, students have the opportunity to view screencasts.  Screencasts are designed to further explain concepts covered in the lecture but in much greater detail.  The Department of Chemical Engineering has already made a number of screencasts and is currently making them available to faculty at other universities.  This course is a prerequisite for all senior level Chemical Engineering courses and this next fall will have around 115 students enrolled.