President's Teaching Scholars Program



Don Warrick
Business Department

MGMT 600 (Leading and Managing in Changing Times) Course Description:

The purpose of the course is to develop high impact leaders who are skilled at bringing out the best in people, teams, and organizations. The course is designed so that those who are eager to learn will have a wide variety of opportunities to learn as much as possible. Furthermore, this course aims to prepare, motivate, and challenge students to make a difference professionally and personally in times of dynamic change.

MGMT 620 (Managing Organization Development and Change) Course Description:

Next to skills in leadership, the most important skills leaders, managers, and key personnel throughout an organization will need to develop to be successful in these times of dynamic change will be skills in championing and managing change. The purpose of this course is to develop knowledgeable and capable Change Agents and Change Champions who have a strong commitment to making a difference in the lives of people and organizations and are skilled at improving the health and effectiveness of individuals, groups, and whole organizations and at managing organization change and transformation. The course draws primarily from the field of Organization Development and builds on the Leading and Managing in Changing Times course (MGMT 600/MGMT 609). Some material will be similar to MGMT 600 but will focus more on applications and designing successful changes.