President's Teaching Scholars Program



Ed Rivers
English Department

ENGL 3856 / ATLAS 3519 (Multimedia Composition) Course Description:

A computer-based course in how to combine writing with other media such as video, music, animation, and podcasting. The course includes a unit on web-site design and ends with each student creating his or her own website and posting on it the projects he or she created for the course. (Screen shots of some of these websites can be found in Appendix 1.) This course was the first English-ATLAS cross-listing and for two years the only one.

ENGL 4116 / ATLAS 4519 (Multimedia Sound) Course Description:

A computer-based course in the nature, history, and philosophy of sound (especially digital sound) and its relation to language and other media. In addition to studying the role of sound in history and across cultures, students create their own projects involving pure sound or combining sound with other media. The course includes advanced work with music composition, songwriting, podcasting, and field recording and includes work with experimental electronic instruments such as the theremin.

ENGL 4116 (Advanced Topics in Media Studies) Course Description:

An advanced topics course that introduces English majors to the history and nature of media without any limitation on the kinds of media. Sections of the course can focus on anything from the history of the book to the use of sound in media. I wrote the successful application to the College of Arts and Sciences for adding this topics course to the English curriculum. My course Multimedia Sound, described above and currently underway, is the first section of this new topics course to be taught.