President's Teaching Scholars Program



Spring 2002 Retreat Report

Engaged Learners
President’s Teaching Scholars Program
Spring Retreat
March 9-11, 2002

President’s Teaching Scholars attending: J.J. Cohen, Rick VanDeWeghe, Judith Stalnaker, Brian Argrow, Clayton Lewis, John Falconer, Dennis VanGerven, Mike Grant, Harvey Segur, Mike Shull, John Taylor, Mike Cummings, Dale Meyer, Mitch Handelsman, Alex Cruz, Fred Coolidge, Hiroshi Motomura, Jim Burkhart, Tom Huber, Jim Curry, Anne Costain, Jim Symons, Don Kleier, Bob Averbach, Bill Briggs, Mimi Wesson, Marty Bickman, Gene Abrams, and John Mays
Guest Speakers: Joshua Aronson, professor of applied psychology, New York University, and Uri Treisman, professor of mathematics, University of Texas at Austin.

Also attending: Elizabeth "Betsy" Hoffman, president of the University of Colorado; Brian Binger, professor adjunct in economics; Mary Ann Shea, director of the President’s Teaching Scholars Program; Jack O. Burns, vice president for Academic Affairs; Mary McArthur, director of Publications and Creative Services, Jeff Dodge, assistant editor, Silver and Gold Record