President's Teaching Scholars Program



Fall 2002 Retreat Report

Cultures of Excellence
Classroom, Community, and Faculty

Mary Ann Shea, director of the President’s Teaching Scholars Program (PTSP), welcomed the retreat participants and introduced CU President Elizabeth Hoffman and her husband, Brian Binger, and Vice President for Academic Affairs Jack Burns and his wife, Kathleen Burns. She also acknowledged the help of Lynn Della Guardia, program manager for the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program at CU-Boulder, who made the arrangements for the retreat. She also thanked administrative assistant Wynn Pericak and student associates Sarah Faulkner and Jadine Knox for their assistance in preparing for the retreat.

Shea said the theme of the retreat was Cultures of Excellence — Classroom, Community, and Faculty. She noted that President Hoffman had said in the recent PTSP supplement in the Silver & Gold Record that the PTSP is a culture of excellence itself.

The retreat participants then introduced themselves. The Scholars in attendance were: Costain, Coolidge, Cohen, Briggs, Kleier, Averbach, Timmerhaus, Motomura, Falconer, Curry, Handelsman, VanDeWeghe, Taylor, Palmer, Wesson, Burkhart, Huber, Argrow, Lewis, Cruz, Grant, Cummings, Warrick, Mays, Shull, Symons, Abrams, Camley and Webster. (Joining the group later was Goodwin). Also in attendance was Susan Barney Jones, editor of the Silver & Gold Record and Professor Phil Weiser of the CU School of Law.

Shea said the retreat theme includes the word “community,” and she said others would like to read a passage from Parker J. Palmer’s book, To Know As We Are Known: Education as a Spiritual Journey, which relates to that theme. Shea said when the Scholars are in community and retreat, it is a time of reflection. Shea, Burkhart and Argrow each read portions of a passage about openness, boundaries and hospitality.