President's Teaching Scholars Program



Spring 2000 Retreat Report


Mary Ann Shea, PTSP director, introduced three of the four newly appointed President's Teaching Scholars: Brian Argrow (Aerospace Engineering, Boulder), John Falconer (Chemical Engineering, Boulder) and Jim Symons (Theatre and Dance, Boulder), David Kross (Pharmacy, Health Sciences Center) was absent. She asked the scholars how they plan to be active in the PTSP.

Argrow explained that he has developed a particular philosophy of teaching that he applies to his courses in aerospace engineering. Because he receives requests to further explain that philosophy, he said his first goal would be to work with faculty in his department in a workshop format to explicate his ideas.

Falconer said he has been thinking about the way graduate students are introduced in the process of research "They show up and we throw them in the lab and say do experience." Falconer said he would like to explore a way to help introduce students to research so they "can start off running."

Symons said he has become increasingly aware of the hostility and disrespect expressed by students in the classroom which "undercuts the learning environment." He said he would like to get involved with leading a discussion of the problem, particularly about how it affects women and faculty of color.

Shea asked each scholar in turn to introduce him or herself. The scholars present were: Jim Curry (Applied Mathematics, Boulder), Marty Bickman (English, Boulder), Anne Costain (Political Science, Boulder), Jim Burknart (Physics, Colorado Springs), Tom Huber (Geography, Colorado Springs), Clayton Lewis (Computer Science, Boulder), Bill Briggs (Mathematics, Denver), Hiroshi Motomura (Law, Boulder), Jim Palmer (Film Studies, Boulder) Bob Pois (History, Boulder), Harvey Segur (Applied Mathematics, Boulder), Denise Webster (Nursing, HSC), Judy Stalnaker (Engineering, Denver), Mike Cummings (Political Science, Denver), Bob Camley (Physics, Colorado Springs) and Dennis Van Gerven (Anthropology, Boulder).

Note: This report is not intended to be an exact or complete transcript of the conversations. These notes are provided to promote further reflection on the topics addressed.