President's Teaching Scholars Program



Fall 1999 Retreat Report

Mary Ann Shea welcomed the President's Teaching Scholars to the 10th annual retreat and thanked them all for the past ten successful years of the program. She then introduced the format for this retreat, which will consist of a series of panels, as modeled after the CU-Boulder World Affairs Conference. Each panelist has a few minutes to address the topic and then the discussion is opened up to the other members of the group.

President's Teaching Scholars attending: Gene Abrams, Robert Averbach, William Briggs, Douglas Burger, James Burkhart, Robert Camley, J.John Cohen, Frederick Coolidge, Anne Costain, James Curry, Michael Grant, Mitchell Handelsman, Thomas Huber, Jack Kelso, Donald Kleier, William Krantz, Clayton Lewis, Ronald Melicher, Wesley Morriston, Hiroshi Motomura, James Palmer, Robert Pois, Judy Stalnaker, Norton Steuben, J. Michael Shull, John Taylor, Klaus Timmerhaus, Rick VanDeWeghe, Dennis Van Gerven, Don Warrick, Denise (Denny) Webster, and Marianne (Mimi) Wesson.

Others attending: David Groth, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research, Mary Ann Shea, Program Director, and Mary McArthur, recorder.

Note: This report is not intended to be an exact or complete transcript of the conversations. These notes are provided to promote further reflection on the topics addressed.