President's Teaching Scholars Program


Testimonials from Past Participants

“It was wonderful to hear about the scope of PTLC. I was so energized and it is a wonderful new thing to be involved in as things were just getting a bit stale, with same old, same old. I am thrilled to be in the program, and feel like I have a new lease on my creativity. I am honored, and gratified. I am looking forward to opening up a whole world of scholars that I can actually have a conversation with! I believe the President’s Teaching & Learning Collaborative has that potential!”

"At best, it makes professors more reflective about what they do, and the components of what they do that are measurable and not measurable."

"Mentors and coaches don't come from the same schools or departments, so collaborations develop."

"The PTLC program has prompted me to attempt an objective look at teaching and learning, my own as well as that of others. Reflecting on the educational process is a necessary step to improving on it. "

"By collaborating with mentors, coaches, a graduate research assistant, and teams of other PTLC researchers on a specific project, I've been encouraged to think a great deal about my teaching."

"My project and my mentor, force me to consider my underlying pedagogy theories, my approaches to students, and my techniques/methods... all of which are beneficial in exposing what works well and what doesn't."

“I find that it promotes inquiry into teaching because to carry out a research agenda you must study your teaching.”

"We're investigating how effective our teaching is, not just looking at it from our own perspective or our FCQs (summative assessments of our teaching of a course)."

"There is added visibility and recognition of team-based endeavors to enhance teaching and learning."

"We have interacted with many people across the campus, both faculty and staff, during our investigation. Many of these people are individuals with whom we would likely not have interacted otherwise."

"I would never have thought to work with a mentor not in my field, but it's been very useful... he has a much more publication oriented, quantitative approach than I do/did."

"I have collaborated with two faculty in different departments because of the PTLC."

"I learned a lot from other PTLC team member comments and suggestions, as well as our mentor and coach, to improve this project. Our PTLC meetings are great opportunities to share ideas across campuses."

"I've enjoyed meeting faculty from the system whose projects relate to different topics, but whose research essentially meets with the same problems, techniques, etc. as mine... we've had interesting discussions, sharing of info., etc."

"You know I do see myself as a researcher. I see myself as having a responsibility to my discipline. Truly to be able to develop a good research methodology, something valid, and then share it is validating that role for me. And that feels great."