President's Teaching Scholars Program


President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative: Scholarship

of Teaching & Learning

Index of Publication and Collaboration

The PTLC is a program that guides faculty to publish research on teaching and learning. Faculty researchers work on educational research in collaboration with a coach and a mentor, and these triads are often made up of faculty from different campuses. Participants also meet as a group with all other researchers, coaches, and mentors six to eight times. At the end of their year with the PTLC, faculty researchers are expected to disseminate their findings through a peer-reviewed journal publication or conference presentation.

During and after their involvement with the PTLC, researchers also discuss their educational research with members of their department and colleagues at other institutions. Faculty researchers make presentations to members of their departments to inform them of the educational research they have undertaken because of the support of the PTLC. Some also give presentations to their colleges or other university institutions. Most faculty researchers are engaging in educational research for the first time, though all have engaged in research within their discipline. Because of their positive experience within the PTLC, participants express their hope that research on teaching and learning will gain esteem within the university.

In this document, you will find concrete examples of the ways the work of faculty researchers has spread beyond the PTLC. All of these examples of the dissemination of research on teaching and learning have potential ripple effects that spread beyond their immediate circumstances. One hope is that the work of faculty researchers generates interest in educational research so that other faculty members begin their own educational research investigations. The ultimate goal is that this research informs and improves education at the University of Colorado.

Click here for the Record of Faculty Researchers Publications and Talks by Campus 2006-Present (pdf)