President's Teaching Scholars Program

President's Teaching & Learning Collaborative: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Call for 2012-13 Research Proposals

The President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (PTLC) is publishing a call for proposed projects that will deepen student learning in higher education. Faculty from all colleges, schools, disciplines, and professional programs are eligible to apply. This Call includes participation for a maximum of two years. Faculty Researchers currently in the collaborative may request an extension to be a member of the cohort for a second and final year (no additional funding for second year). Please submit written requests to extend your time in the collaborative to Mary Ann Shea at

What is the President's Teaching and Learning Collaborative?

The PTLC is a comprehensive, collaborative program that offers access to supportive expert educational research programs, financial support from the Office of the President, the campus Provosts, and a structured plan for completion of a classroom research project. The Collaborative is committed to establishing the University of Colorado as a leader in research in scholarly teaching and learning. The Collaborative will focus on projects emphasizing student learning and assessing of course learning.

The goals of the collaborative include:  fostering inquiry and leadership for the improvement of student learning, developing and synthesizing knowledge about learning and teaching through publication in peer-refereed journals in two years time, and promoting institutional change in support of scholarly teaching and learning.

Examples of proposals by past PTLC faculty researchers.

Who is eligible? 

What are the benefits and expected commitments?

How do I apply?

All application materials must be submitted electronically in attached Word documents only to, Research Assistant for PTLC, no later than June 1, 2012.

Please send the following all in a single Word document:

1. Cover sheet with the following information:

a. Name
b. Job Title and/or Academic Rank
c. Institution
d. College or School
e. Department or program
f. Discipline and/or professional field
g. Campus address
h. City, state, ZIP code
i. Phone number
j. Email address

k. Title of your proposed project

2. Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (no more than one page)

3. Letter of proposal (no more than four pages double-spaced and paginated, with your name in the header of each page) answering these questions:

a. What is the central question, issue, or problem you plan to explore in your proposed work?
b. Why is your central question, issue, or problem important to you and to others who might benefit from or build on your findings?
c. How do you plan to conduct your investigation? What sources of evidence do you plan to examine? What methods might you employ to gather and make sense of this evidence? What literature have you reviewed on your topic?
d. How might you make your work available to others in ways that facilitate scholarly critique and review, and that contribute to thought and practice beyond the local? (Keep in mind that coaching/mentoring will be available to invite you to develop these aspects of your proposal, so you need not feel you must present a finished project design at this time.)
e. Include a literature review of the theory and effective teaching practice of the subject of your inquiry in order to locate your research in the literature preceding it. (The website,, offers expert advice on how to conduct a relevant literature review.)
f. What is your record of innovation in teaching and/or the assessment of learning?
g. Are you able to attend the required meetings as specified in the sections titled, “What are the Benefits?” and “What commitments are expected of participants?”
h. As part of your acceptance we ask that you make contact now with a faculty peer who agrees to serve in the collaborative as your coach, mentor or coach/mentor. The description here provides how a coach and/or mentor faculty member will best serve you in both your education research and your content subject. A coach/mentor is a faculty member who has experience with educational research and can thus guide you in your research on teaching and learning. This person must have experience with the IRB approval process. The coach/mentor will attend the meetings on the Anschutz Medical Campus in addition to meeting one-on-one with you at least twice a semester and your campus PTLC meetings will be administered by a faculty PTLC campus director. Please provide the name and email address for your coach/mentor. Are you willing to set each coach/mentor meeting twice each semester?
i. If your project is selected, are you willing to serve as a coach/mentor in PTLC in a future year?

4. A letter of nomination from department chair or unit head (adapted from the UC Denver School of Medicine)

a. Chair’s contact information

i. Current academic rank
ii. Mailing address
iii. Department
iv. Phone

b. Please indicate ways in which the candidate’s PTLC participation might benefit the department, including opportunities to share research results with peers and students.

Collaborative Timeline:

Summer 2012

  • June 1, 2012: Proposals due to PTLC
  • June 30, 2012: Notification of acceptance to PTLC

Fall 2012


  • Sept 17, 2012, 12:00-2:00 p.m. Required launch meeting and Poster Session, Anschutz Campus
  • Complete the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Process
    • Take the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Tutorial to prepare to submit proposal to IRB
    • Write and submit proposal for IRB
    • Be awarded notification of acceptance of IRB proposal

Winter 2013

  • Data collection and early data analysis

Spring 2013

  • Data analysis and writing

Spring 2013

End of Semester

  • Required cohort meeting, May 20, 2013, 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Submission of research project results to peer-reviewed publication or conference (for those who have completed their researcher project and are not continuing in year 2 and final year in the Collaborative)

All application materials must be submitted electronically as attached Word documents to, Research Assistant for PTLC, no later than June 1, 2012.


What kind of research does PTLC support?

Testimonials from past participants.

PTLC Campus Directors

Professor Elaine Cheesman
Special Education

Professor Kathryn Andrus
Director, Teaching and Learning Center



Professor Stefanie Mollborn

Professor Alison Hicks
Library Administration

UCD – Downtown campus
Professor Donna Sobel
Director, Teaching and Learning Center


Professor Kari Franson
School of Pharmacy