President's Teaching Scholars Program




Professor Brian Argrow
Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Colorado Boulder

During the fall of 2001, Mary Ann Shea and I discussed the importance and influence of mentors in the professional and personal development of faculty. Specifically, we talked about the importance of the mentoring I received from Richard Seebass, former Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and former Chair of Aerospace Engineering Sciences. His lessons will always influence my decisions. Mary Ann recalled that the PTSP once had a mentoring program. We both agreed that if there was any group in the CU System that could significantly reach out to developing faculty, it is the President's Teaching Scholars. We then decided that starting this fall 2002, I will lead an effort to establish a new PTSP Mentor Program. Mary Ann has planted the seed among the Scholars and we have received commitments from several to help in the program development and to participate as faculty mentors. We anticipate a program that promotes and facilitates the mutual rewards of mentoring.