President's Teaching Scholars Program




Professor Gene Abrams
Department of Mathematics
University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Interdisciplinary 401

 The Honors Senior Roundtable Sharing Passions, Sharing Perspectives Catalog Description: Seniors in their graduating semester will reflect on and share with others their passion for their major field, and perspectives as to why this field is important in the context of both the university and society at large.
Students submit one 5-10 page paper, submit a 3-6 page follow-up paper, make one 20 minute presentation, and make one 5-10 minute follow-up presentation. The topic of the 5-10 page paper: 'What I've learned about my discipline, and what people outside my discipline should know about it.' Possible 'points of view' for this paper: What is it about my major field that excites me, and how can I share it with others who are not in my field? What things in my major field should be understood by every well-educated person? Why is my major field important in the grand scheme of the university, and/or society at large? The topic of the 20 minute presentation is the same as that of the 5-10 page paper. The presentations will be based on the papers. During those time periods when the class does not officially meet (e.g. throughout February, and early to mid April), students spend time working on their papers, and meet with the professor on an individual basis. 12 students maximum enrollment.