President's Teaching Scholars Program



Professor Wesley Morriston
Department of Philosophy
University of Colorado Boulder

1. For several years, I have been my department's liaison for the Teaching with Technology Program. In that capacity, I have given seminars on the construction of web pages for classes. I have also been available as a consultant to faculty members who don't know how to do this or that with their computers. Yesterday, for instance, one of my colleagues asked me how to get his laptop to play a dvd on the overhead in one of our classrooms. Amazingly, I was able to tell him.

Luc Bovens and I have also put together proposals for equipment purchases - a projector and a laptop - that we hope will facilitate the use of computer technology in the classroom both for faculty and GTPIs.

This semester, I myself am finally getting ready to do simple PowerPoint presentations in my large lecture course. I expect that others will follow.

2. I am frequently called upon to evaluate the teaching of my colleagues - especially in tenure and promotion cases. I never say no.

3. Occasionally, colleagues consult me about teaching problems. I do my best to be helpful.