President's Teaching Scholars Program


Presidents Teaching Scholars Dossier

Table of Contents *

  1. Nominating letter naming the faculty member, department, school or college including a full description of accomplishments in both teaching and research
  2. Current curriculum vitae
  3. Three current (2012) letters from faculty members regarding teaching
  4. Three current (2012) letters from faculty members regarding research or creative work
  5. Official individual course summary sheets for the last five consecutive years at the University of Colorado
  6. Five letters from current or former students (dated 2012)
  7. Evidence of nomination for or having received an award for teaching at the University of Colorado
  8. Detailed evidence that the nominee has assisted in the development of teaching beyond the classroom
  9. Statement by nominee describing views of the four core tasks of teaching
  10. One-page proposal by the nomine of a scholarly education research project measuring classroom learning and pedagogy undertaken by the candidate in one of the candidates courses
  11. Description from nominee of service to peers that he/she will undertake as a Teaching Scholar
  12. A one-page description detailing the candidate’s aspirations as a teacher in the next five years.

*Dossier not to exceed 80 pages