President's Teaching Scholars Program




Scholars' Research Projects & Investigations


What kinds of work does this program support? The central work of President'sTeaching Scholars is to create and disseminate examples of the scholarship of teaching and learning that contribute to thought and practice in and across fields and disciplines. To this end, each scholar designs and undertakes a project/investigation aimed at deepening understanding of and practice related to an important issue in students’ innovative learning. Several features for projects must be kept in mind.

1. Proposed work should center on the definitions, experiences, problems, and values, and the investigation of one's own students and classroom practices in a particular course.

2. The focus of this work should be on learning for understanding, exploring primarily the character and depth of student learning that results (or does not) from teacher practice.

3. We look for attention to enduring, widely recognized issues and questions that have broad relevance or implications for student learning; scholarship that advances understanding of such questions is more likely to find audiences and outlets thereby contributing to far-reaching thinking and practice.

4. We are interested in work that demonstrates a commitment to the personal and social development of students.

5. Also of interest is work with explicit links to prior and ongoing areas of investigation, and established lines of seminal research that builds on and is situated in reference to work authored by others.

6. New scholars engaged in this work will be committed to documenting and sharing processes and results (scholarship is by definition public, available for review and critique).

As part of the PTSP dossier, please submit a one page or less project proposal that upon designation you will undertake as a Teaching Scholar.