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We encourage bike riding as an effective means of getting around. For your safety, and for the safety of others, please comply with UC Boulder, state, and municipal regulations and codes pertaining to bicycling.

To help stay safe while riding your bike:

  • Buy a helmet and use it!
  • Wear your helmet properly. A good helmet should fit snugly and not be able to slide off the front or back of your head. Replace any helmet that has been in a crash.
  • Lights and reflectors are required at night in Boulder. They help you see and help others see you. Make sure your bike has reflectors on all sides. 
  • When crossing a street in a crosswalk or riding on university sidewalks, you must be traveling at pedestrian speeds (less than 5 mph). Give motorists a chance to see you and stop before you cross.
  • Obey posted speed limits, traffic signals, and dismount zones.
  • Use a bike bell to warn oncoming pedestrians and other bicyclists.
  • Ride defensively and signal your actions.
  • It is illegal to ride on sidewalks in commercial areas throughout Boulder.
  • Save the headphones and all phones for when you are not riding your bike!