Parking Services

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Parking Services (PS), located on Main Campus is home to parking administration, business, events, facilities maintenance, information technology, communications, enforcement, transportation options, and field operations. Parking manages most of the parking spaces available on the Boulder campus.

 Online Services- campus visitors, faculty/staff, and students, click here to pay citations and complete appeals online!

Parking Services: 303-492-7384

Bike Registration and Bike Program: 303-735-7874

Bicycle impounds, lost or stolen bikes: 303-492-7384

Eco Pass: 303-735-2705

Enforcement: 303-492-7384

Events Planning: 303-492-7384

Faculty/Staff Permits: 303-735-8581

Parking Facilities Maintenance: 303-492-7384

Student Permits: 303-492-7384