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How to Pay a Citation

If you received a parking citation, it must be paid or appealed within 14 calendar days of the issue date. Acceptable payment methods are credit card, check (by mail, Customer Service Window or after-hours drop box), and cash (at the Customer Service Window only). For additional information on parking violations, please refer to the Parking and Traffic Regulations section of our website. Click here to pay citations online!

How to Appeal a Citation

Appeals must be filed before closing of the PTS office on the fourteenth day after the date of the issuance of the citation. Please note that appeal results will be sent to you, via the email address you provided on your appeal, from (unless you denote to receive results by regular mail). Please check both your regular email and your "junk" email folder for your results. For additional information, please refer to the Parking and Traffic Regulations section of our website. A $10 fee will be added to any appeal where the appeal is denied and the citation upheld.

The following appeal arguments will not be accepted and will not be reviewed by an appeal referee:

1. I don't agree with or I don't know the regulations.

2. I couldn't find space in my assigned parking lot.

3. I have been parking this way for a long time and have never received a citation until now.

4. I was late for a class/meeting or my class/meeting ran late.

5. I can't afford to pay the citation fine.

6. "Someone" told me to park there.

7. I was only in violation for a short time.

8. I didn't see the sign.

9. I parked in an ADA space and do not own a valid ADA placard or plate.

10. I forgot to pay.

Students, Faculty and Staff
We encourage you to appeal your citations online. You need your CU IdentiKey user name and password to logon to the site. Please proceed to our Online Services.

Visitors and Others
To appeal the citation, you can appeal citations online (no submission fee for online appeals) or fill out the Citation Appeal Form and email to There is a $5 non-refundable submission fee charged for any appeal submitted via the paper form or by email. The form contains important additional information such as the criteria for appeal so please take the time to read it. The form is also available at the PTS Business Office.

Fines for Violations


Violation Code

Fine Amount

No valid permit



Displaying lost/stolen permit



Displaying stolen/altered/forged permit/receipt



Parked in ADA space without placard/plate



Tow list - Unpaid Citations



Parking Exceeded Time Limit



Parked in restricted/prohibited/reserved or undesignated area



No proof of valid payment



Parked in more than one space



Damaging signs/parking mechanisms



Improper bike parking



Bike parked or locked to ADA handrail



Other violation



Frivolous/Groundless Appeal



Failure to appear to appeal hearing



Parked at a non-functioning meter



Obstructing a firelane/access



Plate/permit connection warning



Plate not connected to permit



Relocation fee



Citation fines are subject to change without notice.