Carpool Permits

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A minimum of two people may form a carpool.


A completed application for each carpool member/vehicle must be brought or mailed to the PTS office at 1050 Regent Drive. The faculty/staff application and the student application may also be faxed to 303-492-6116. Contact Nancy Sprague, Permit Coordinator at 303-492-1220 or for more information

One Permit per Carpool

PTS will issue one permit per carpool for a designated lot and, where needed, one gate card. If the carpool rotates among drivers and vehicles, the hanging permit (and gate card) must be transferred to the vehicle in use.

When Carpool Members Park Outside the Carpool: If more than one of the carpool vehicles is parked on campus, vehicles without the carpool permit must pay to park.

Starting, Joining and Maintaining a Carpool

To find a carpool partner, visit our Commuting Page.  Add your commute listing and be instantly matched with other CU affiliates going the same way at the same time you are.

Priority Parking Locations/Enforcement

From 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., CU offers priority parking spaces in lots 327, 402, 430, and 470 for groups with a CU carpool permit. On days carpool permit holders do not carpool, they may not park in a signed carpool space between 7:30 to 10:00 a.m. To do so would subject the vehicle to citation. After 10 a.m. carpool spaces will be open to use by any permit holder assigned to the lot.

Price and Payment

The price of a carpool permit is the same as a standard proximate lot permit. It is the responsibility of the members of the carpool to arrange any sharing of the cost of the permit.

Ending a Carpool/Enforcement

Should a member of a two-person carpool cease regular carpooling for any reason, the carpool permit holder must notify PTS within one calendar week. Two additional weeks will be allowed to find another carpool member. If a new member is not found during the two weeks, the carpool permit must be cancelled within another week, and a regular permit will be issued to replace it at no additional cost to the permit holder.