University Retiree Permits

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Any person classified as a retired employee of CU-Boulder by the university’s Department of Human Resources is eligible for a retiree permit.

  • Employees who retire after January 1, 2005 are eligible for a free permit for lots 282, 308, 436, and 560. These employees may park in the Euclid Autopark at a discounted rate when displaying their retiree permit.
  • Retired employees with disabilities attending campus events should contact the Special Events team at 303-492-1323 if the retiree permit allowance does not meet their needs.
  • Retiree permits are renewed every year.
  • The only person authorized to use the retiree permit is the retiree. It may not be shared with family members or others. Violations may result in citation or tow.

Retirees Working on Campus

Retirees working on campus in any capacity (e.g., emeritus professors, volunteers, temporary or reduced appointments) may request permit assignment to campus parking lots other than 282, 308, 436, and 560 consistent with the requirements of the Department Allocation System for faculty/staff parking permits. Parking in any lot other than those listed above will be subject to the regular faculty/staff permit fee. Contact the Faculty/Staff Permit Coordinator at 303-735-8581 if the retiree permit does not meet your needs.