Student Permits

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Welcome Incoming Freshmen!

CU Buff freshmen are allowed to have vehicles on campus! Students purchase their parking permits by visiting the Parking and Transportation Services website. The parking permit is assigned to a specific lot or zone. Parking at meters and pay station lots requires additional payment.

Every campus parking lot requires lot specific permits or payment. Please read ALL parking signs carefully before leaving your vehicle to avoid receiving a citation.

Permit Sale Dates

Based on your enrollment status, click on either Student Commuter Permits or Student Permits for Campus Residents on the right sidebar for sale dates for fall semester and academic year permits.

Reciprocal Parking for Students

CU-Boulder students who hold parking permits and will be taking classes at other CU campuses may be eligible for free or discounted parking at these campuses. For more information, visit the Reciprocal Parking section of our site.

ADA Accessible Permits

To obtain a permit for accessible parking, submit the CU Application for Disability Privileges. The applicant and their physician must complete and sign the appropriate sections of this form.

Both parties will also need to fill out the State of Colorado's Application for Disability Privileges to obtain a state-issued placard through the local county motor vehicle office.

Bring us the state-issued placard registration and the CU Application for Disability Privileges so that we can issue you a permit. Feel free to contact us at 303-492-1220 so that we can help you in the most efficient manner.

How to Cancel Your Permit

If you no longer need your parking permit, return it in person or by mail to: Parking Services, 1050 Regent Drive 502 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309. You may be entitled to a prorated refund if three weeks remain in the semester. Call 303-735-PARK (7275) to verify any unpaid citations, including those that may have been transferred to the Bursar's Office.