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Information for Campus Departments

PTS offers several short-term parking options for departmental guests and meeting attendees. In addition to visitor/short-term parking, we have permit and payment options that may suit your department’s needs.

Permit Options

  • Validation stickers are available for the Euclid AutoPark in one- hour, five-hour, ten-hour and evening/weekend time periods. This may be the perfect way to pay for an official visitor’s parking expense.
  • Meter debit cards are available at the customer service window in $50 increments.
  • Campus department business permits – Departments that require employees to use personal vehicles to commute about campus while on department business may benefit from a campus business permit. Business permits authorize temporary parking in specified parking lots, most gray meters and parking payment machines for university business purposes. A primary parking permit must be displayed with a campus business permit. Click here to fill out an Annual Business/Vendor Permit request form.
  • Vendor Business Permits- Campus departments may also purchase vendor business permits for companies or agencies not affiliated with CU-Boulder that need their employees to park on campus for the purpose of conducting business with university departments. Click here to fill out an Annual Business/Vendor Permit request form.

Annual Permits

Current Price

Campus Department




Vendor EX


Work Site


For additional information about these permits and others that are available, visit the business permit section of our Parking and Traffic Regulations or contact us by phone at 303-492-7384 or by email

Campus departments may pay for departmental use permit(s) with a UCB “A” card or a campus IN. Two signatures are required to authorize the use of an IN as payment. To purchase a permit, visit our Online Services.

Event Planning

If your department is planning an event in which at least four vehicles will be brought to campus, please contact the PTS Special Events staff at 303-492-7384. They will ensure that parking for your event is a non-event! Or, visit Plan Parking for Your Event on this site.

Information for Parking Liaisons

The Basics

Two completed forms must be submitted to PTS to receive parking permits for your faculty and staff.

  • The Parking Permit Allocation Request Form is required for all new and exchange permit requests.
    1. Please fill out the form completely.
    2. Attach the allocation request to the top of the permit application and give both to the employee.
    3. The employee should bring both forms to PTS for processing. While here, they can purchase a temporary permit to start parking right away.
  • The Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Application (see "Forms" below for Spanish version) is required for any permit issued for a month or longer.
    1. The employee should complete both the customer and vehicle information sections, sign and date the application. A signature is required for the permit to be processed and for payment by payroll deduction.
    2. The local address is the employee’s home or mailing address.
    3. Please be sure that all of the vehicle information is current and includes the month and year that the registration will expire.
    4. Carpool permit applicants will be required to fill out an application for each user with one employee designated as the primary permit holder for payroll deduction purposes.


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