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Vendor Business Permits
Companies or agencies not affiliated with the university whose employees require campus parking in order to conduct business with CU Boulder departments may purchase Vendor Business Permits from Parking and Transportation Services. Vendor Business Permits authorize parking on campus for the purpose of conducting business with university departments.

Vendor EX Permits
Vendor EX permits are the same as a Vendor Business Permit, but also allow parking in lots 204, 208, 360 and 434. A letter of justification must be submitted with the order. (Note: lots 204 and 434 are temporarily closed due to construction.)

Work Site Business Permits
Non-affiliated companies and agencies conducting official business with CU Boulder and departments on campus may purchase worksite permits to carry out work on campus sidewalks. A letter of justification must be submitted with the order.

Annual permits are available online. Temporary vendor permits are available through our business office.

For additional information about business permits, visit the business permit section of our Parking and Traffic Regulations or contact us by phone at 303-492-PARK (7275) or email

Pricing (Permits expire 10/31/2017)

Annual Permits

Current Price

Vendor $649.00
Vendor EX $778.00
Work Site $908.00

How to Order

Annual permits may be purchased using our online Annual Business/Vendor Permit Request Form. If you are purchasing an annual permit that requires a justification letter, please print, fill out, and submit our justification letter.

Orders received by October 12 will be available by October 26. Please allow one week for processing any orders submitted after October 12. Orders requiring a justification letter may take more time. 


Annual Business/Vendor Permit Request Form

Justification Letter