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In compliance with ADA regulations, buses with wheelchair lifts are available to accommodate persons with limited mobility. All of our buses are ADA compliant.

How to Reserve a Bus

To make reservations for bus or other chauffeured transportation, complete a Reservation Form. If you have trouble downloading the form, we are happy to fax, email or mail you a copy. After we receive your submitted form, we will contact you with confirming information. Bus reservations are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation. Should you have any questions or need additional assistance, please call 303-492-6603. 

Student Groups

Student Organizations must make reservations in person. Bring a signed Interdepartmental Invoice (IN) with a "Total Cost Not to Exceed" stamp and a complete Parking & Transportation Services Use Form (which can be picked up at Student Finance Office or U.C.S.U. office in the UMC).

  • Student Accounts organizations can acquire an IN from the Student Organizations Finance Office - UMC 231.
  • Agency Accounts must provide their own liability insurance.
  • Grant Accounts require an Interdepartmental Invoice (IN). Reservations costing over $1000 also require Office of Contracts and Grants pre-approval.


Bus Reservation Form

Buff Bus Charter Rates


July 2014-June 2015

Vehicle Type Per hour charge Other info
B30-22, 25, or 26 passenger bus $74.87 All are ADA accessible & will accommodate up to 2 mobility aids.
B40-36, 40,or 43 passenger bus $89.28 Most are ADA accessible & will accommodate up to 2 mobility aids.
B60-59 passenger bus $93.58 Limited availability and for Boulder Transit ONLY. All are ADA accessible & will accommodate up to 2 mobility aids.
Driver Only $34.41 Includes professional driver and fuel costs.
Ground Coordinator $34.41 Required for an event with 5 buses or more
Lease vehicle

See lease rental rates

Additional $34.41 per hour professional driver charge.

Express Toll Charges From Boulder to DIA $20.00
Other tolls billed according to exact charges.

***As required by DOT regulations, a half-hour pre-trip and half-hour post-trip will be performed and will be automatically added onto each charter bus trip.***

All chauffeured rates include professional driver and fuel costs. There is a minimum 2-hour charge. 

Late Cancellation / Reservations

  • Cancellations made less than six business days prior to the event will be charged a premium fee (see chart as follows).

Business Days Prior to Event

Additional Charge Per Bus
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
  • Reservations made within five business days of an event will be charged a premium fee:

    Business Days Prior to Event

    Additional Charge Per Bus
  • All airport shuttles to DIA will be routed via the NWP/E-470 toll roads and charged $20.00 per trip. 

Changes to a Reservation

Any changes to a reservation that occur less than five business days prior to an event will be charged $25.00 per change.  These changes include but are not limited to any change that affects driver and/or bus type (i.e.  change of pick up time or location, upgrading to larger bus size, etc.)


A two-hour minimum charge plus actual driver time will be assessed. 

Weather Cancellations

Cancellations due to inclement weather as agreed upon by transportation authority will involve no charge to the customer.