Motorcyle Permits

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Motorcycle permits for the CU-Boulder campus are available at the PTS customer service window. A photo ID and vehicle license plate number are required at the time of purchase. Permits are available with a choice of expiration dates.

There are two types of motorcycle permits, and they cost the same.


Motorcycle Permit Type


Additional Information

Circle M Motorcycle Permit


Free of charge to vehicular faculty/staff, student commuter permit holders*

Allows motorcycles to park in any circle M lot. This permit may not park in lot-specific parking lots.


Lot-Specific Motorcycle Permit


Additional cost to vehicular faculty/staff, student, commuter permit holders*

Allows motorcycles to park in assigned lot AND all circle M parking lots.


*Student residents are ineligible for more than one permit on campus.

Single Permit for Multiple Bikes?

One permit can be purchased for multiple bikes.

PTS sells brackets at our customer service window, which allows a permit to be moved from bike to bike. This bracket is attached behind the license plate and the tab sticks out on which you were permanently affix the motorcycle permit. The bracket can then be moved between bikes, but requires moving the hardware.

Mopeds, Scooters, & Motorized Bicycles

Low-power mopeds, scooters, and motorized bicycles are considered motorcycles for parking on campus. Mopeds, scooters, and motorized bicycles over 50 ccs must be registered with the State of Colorado and permitted by Parking and Transportation to park in motorcycle spaces.

Visit Colorado Department of Revenue for information about registering your scooter. Learn more about Colorado state regulations regarding scooters here.