Vehicle Liaisons

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Following is a description of the most common responsibilities of vehicle liaisons.

Vehicle Management/Record Keeping

  • Provide correct information for each vehicle: authorized drivers, responsible party, mileage 4 days before each monthly financial close, speed type, and changes to information.
  • Notify Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) when the gas card or other documents are missing from the pouch in the glove compartment.
  • Notify PTS when a license plate needs to be replaced.
  • Respond to preventative maintenance emails and scheduled service.
  • Ensure that employees for whom driving is a job responsibility and all drivers under 26 attend a DDC class.
  • Ensure that drivers of 15-passenger vans take the mandatory training.


  • Understand procedures regarding additions and replacements to fleet.
  • Respond to emails regarding vehicle registrations or emissions.
  • All vehicles for use on roadways must be registered as authorized purchases through Transportation Services. View the Vehicle Request Form.