Plan Parking for Your Event

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When to Call

Please contact Traffic & Events Parking at or 303-735-7610:

  • A specific area needs to be reserved to accommodate parking for an event.
  • Four or more vehicles are expected on campus.
  • Oversized vehicles (e.g., semi trailer or high cube delivery trucks) need to be parked in areas of campus not designed to accommodate them.
  • You want information regarding possible parking and traffic conflicts with other events on your planned event date.
  • Your event may require access for guests with disabilities.

Services We Can Provide You

  • Custom signs.
  • Parking attendants.
  • Bus transportation to and from the airport and hotels or shuttle service around campus.
  • Accessible parking spots near the event.
  • Collaborate with area law enforcement to alter traffic patterns for large crowds.
  • Spaces in campus lots generally used by students, faculty and staff. 

ADA Accessible Parking

We are committed to providing ADA accessible parking for people with disabilities. If you are in the planning phase of an event, please remember that we can help you make arrangements for your guests with disabilities. Contact our staff at or 303-735-7610. 

Bus Parking

Organizations bringing buses to campus should contact Events Parking for drop-off, parking, and permit information. Arriving on campus without a parking plan can cause time delays and other problems for your group. Let us help. Contact us ahead of time, or 303-735-7610.