Crosswalk How-To's for Drivers & Pedestrians

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Parking and Transportation Services welcomes new and returning students, faculty and staff! Following are a few driving and crosswalk reminders to alleviate accidents and keep vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists safe throughout the year.

CROSSWALKS: There are many pedestrian crosswalks through and around campus. Pedestrians have the right of way however, they must STOP and look both ways BEFORE stepping into traffic. Drivers have restricted sight access from hills and/or curves in the road preceding some crosswalks. Pedestrians and bicyclists: make eye contact with drivers to be certain they see you before you enter the crosswalk. Skateboarders/long boarders are not allowed to ride on streets, including crosswalks.

DO I STOP? CAN I GO? What’s the proper protocol for the flashing red crosswalk light (High Intensity Activated Crosswalk or HAWK system) on Regent Drive? This is one campus crosswalk where pedestrians are NOT allowed to enter the crosswalk until they have activated the system and the pedestrian light indicates the white CROSS symbol, or countdown timer.

How does the HAWK crosswalk work for DRIVERS?

1. If signal is dark (not illuminated): drive through the crosswalk as normal   

2. Flashing yellow: slow down as the signal is about to change to red 

3. Solid yellow: same as a typical traffic light

4. Solid red means STOP! 

5. Flashing red: come to a complete stop and proceed ONLY if crosswalk is empty and no pedestrians are in the vicinity

More HAWK info and video.

DRIVING WITH BIKE LANES: Most Boulder streets are equipped with bicycle lanes where bicyclists ride in the same direction as the traffic flow. Drivers making right turns on streets where bike lanes are present must yield the right-of-way to bicyclists. Always look behind and to your right, before proceeding to make a right turn to be certain an approaching bicyclist isn’t going straight. If you commute on Folsom St., you may have seen a green “bike box” at the Canyon/Folsom intersection. Encouraging a safer bike transit the bike box is a designated, marked area that places bicyclists at the front of the queue, increasing their visibility and allowing them to enter and clear the intersection before motor vehicles. 

As always…Be safe. Be considerate. Be aware.