Rental/Lease Vehicles

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Campus affiliates may rent vehicles (including compact cars, 15 passenger vans, minivans, and SUVs) to participate in sporting or academic competitions, attend meetings, or shuttle campus guests to and from the airport. Short-term and long-term rentals are available.

How to Reserve

  • Fill out a Lease Reservation Form. If you have trouble downloading it, we are happy to send it to you by fax, email or campus mail.
  • You may also need to fill out a Departmental Authorization Form. See below for additional information.
  • Fax (303-492-1554) or email the completed forms to the lease desk.
  • The request will be processed, and a confirmation will be emailed back to the requester.
  • Please review the confirmation. It lists the reservation number, start date of the reservation and the confirmation code. The confirmation code is needed when you pick up the vehicle, so please make note of it and bring it with you to Transportation Services.

Departmental Authorization

  • Before a vehicle can be reserved, we must have a current Departmental Authorization Form on file for the university account/speed type being charged.
  • The authorization form lists each person who may reserve and/or drive a vehicle for a given speed type. It also lists each person'sdriver license information and date of birth.
  • A rental vehicle cannot be released to anyone not listed on the authorization form.
  • This authorization form must be signed by the person responsible for that account.


From hybrids to SUVs, from electric vehicles to 15-passenger vans, Transportation Services provides the campus with numerous lease options. Visit our Lease Rental Rates web page or download a rate sheet for specifics. 

Long-Term Leasing

Departments may lease vehicles for long-term use. When doing so, departments pay monthly rates and mileage rates which includes fuel. Transportation Services pays for insurance and vehicle maintenance.

Departments leasing vehicles assume responsibility for the care and security of each vehicle. Departments are responsible for cleaning the vehicle, changing flat tires, routinely checking fluid levels, and contacting our garage for maintenance. Departments are also responsible for resolving any parking and traffic citations drivers receive.

To lease a vehicle long-term, follow the reservation process steps listed above. When leasing long-term, please remember to report the vehicle’s mileage (call 303-735-7152) no later than the 20th of each month.

Affiliated Student Groups

Student organizations must submit an I.N. to lease a vehicle. The I.N. requires a $200 deposit per vehicle, must be signed and must include the "Total Cost Not to Exceed" stamp. To acquire an I.N., go through Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO) located in UMC 231.

Age / Training Requirements

  • Anyone 25 or younger who plans to lease a vehicle must complete the Defensive Driving Course before the start of the lease.
  • Anyone who has driving as a part of their job is required to complete the Defensive Driving Course .
  • Anyone (regardless of age) who wants to lease a 15-passenger van is required to take the 15 Passenger Van Training.
  • Some lease vehicles are considered Commercial Motor Vehicles, and operators are required to complete additional training and forms. Please contact 303-735-7152 for details.

Travel Out of State/Out of Country

  • If you are planning to travel out of state or out of country with a leased vehicle, please contact us as far in advance as possible. We perform an additional safety/maintenance service on all vehicles leaving Colorado, and extra time may be needed to complete this service.
  • Any department planning to take a vehicle out of the U.S. must familiarize itself with the requirements of the countries to be visited. The increased gasoline prices and extra wear and tear on the vehicles may result in higher rental rates. All receipts and a travel log must be kept and returned to Transportation Services (PTS).
  • Drivers are advised to allow extra time when picking up an out of state/country vehicle as they must perform a vehicle inspection and be briefed on additional procedures.
  • Upon request, TS will provide additional parts, fluids, and/or emergency equipment for trips going out of the U.S. or to remote areas.


Commercial Motor Vehicle Forms

Lease Reservation Form

Lease Rates

Departmental Authorization Form

Accident Report Form

Lease Vehicle Rentals

July 2014 - June 2015

Vehicle Type Mileage Rate Daily Rate (24-hour period) Weekly Rate Monthly Rate

Compact Cars (COM/COM-H)Chevrolet Malibu, Toyota Prius

$0.19 $47.01 $211.53 $634.58

Sport Utility Vehicles (MD SUV-4)  Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee

$0.22 $95.04 $427.67 $1,283.01

Large SUVs (LG SUV-4/LG SUV-2)

Suburban/Yukon 2WD (seats 9)
Suburban/Yukon 4WD (seats 9)









Minivans (V7)  (seats 7) Dodge Grand Caravan $0.34 $91.28 $410.75 $1,232.25

15 Passenger Vans (V15)

Chevy, GMC

$0.30 $134.38 $604.70 $1,814.09

Cargo Vans (LG VC)  (seats 2) Chevy

$0.32 $57.96 $260.83 $782.48

Small Trailer (SM TRL)    5 x 8

n/a $23.08 $103.88 $311.63

Large Trailer (LG TRL)   8 x 10

n/a $39.67 $178.53 $535.60

Electric Vehicles (NEV) seat 2 or 4

n/a $23.19 $104.35 $313.05
  • Passenger count includes drivers.
  • Fuel, maintenance, insurance costs included in rental rates.
  • Departments are charged from actual pick-up time and date to actual return time and date. If the vehicle is returned after the scheduled return time, a late fee will be charged.
  • Please contact the Parking and Transportation Services office for information regarding picking up and returning keys through the key valet system.
  • PTS can provide a chauffeur to drive any of the above vehicles for $34.41. Two hour minimum charge. 

Additional Premium Service Fees 

Reservations made less than 6 working hours prior to pick up time   $25
Cancellation less than 2 hours prior to pick up time and/or "no shows" (Cancellations due to weather are not charged) $25
Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to pick up time for out of state travel (Cancellations due to weather are not charged) 1 day charge
Vehicles returned excessively dirty $25 per hour or cost of professional detailing, if required
Vehicles not returned on time $10 (plus additional rental charges and driver fees as needed)
Replacement of lost keys $15 plus cost of remote or chip, if applicable for replacement of Buff Valey key ring  
Express Toll $8.30 from Boulder to DIA (request transponder)


Accidents/Damage to Rented Vehicle

An operator and/or department found to be at fault or negligent in case of an accident may be held responsible for claims or administrative fees, diminishment of value, towing, storage and/or impound fees, and costs incurred due to revenue loss by Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) in order for PTS to recover damages.

Student Organizations and Grant Accounts

Student organizations must obtain an IN from the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) located in the UMC. The IN must include a $200 deposit per vehicle, be signed, and stamped with "Total Cost Not to Exceed". Deliver the completed IN and Lease Reservation Form in person to Parking & Transportation Services.

Grant accounts require an IN. Anything over $1000 also requires O.C.G. pre-approval.