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Lease Vehicles Originating from CU-Boulder for Official Use

The University of Colorado Boulder Campus has determined that it is more efficient to partner with professional rental car firms to provide local car rental services. September 30, 2015 the vehicle rental service transitioned to local car rental partners. When a department needs to rent a sedan, SUV or van, these vehicles are provided by our rental car partners – Avis, Enterprise and Hertz under the terms and conditions of the State of Colorado Price Agreement.

The three rental car partners offer pickup/drop off, 24 hour roadside service and unlimited mileage for all rentals. 18-25 year old drivers are allowed to rent as long as it is used for official university business. The University of Colorado requires drivers under 25 years old to complete the Defensive Drivers course offered on-line at My CU/Training/Skillsoft: Search CU: Defensive Driving.

Where to Rent/Enroll:

Avis/Budget                        Enterprise                         Hertz Rent A Car

(303) 499-1136                    (303) 449-9466                   (303) 443-9122

4800 Baseline Road             5472 Arapahoe Road         2515 North 49th Street

Boulder, CO 80303               Boulder, CO 80303             Boulder, CO 80301

Avis website                          Enterprise website              Hertz website

How to Pay:

Departments must have a Travel Card to set up an account with their preferred rental vendor or all three vendors. The Travel card should be used for vehicle rental charges and all fuel charges. These expenses will be processed through the Concur Travel & Expense System. Please apply for a Travel card on the CU Procurement website. Any Travel card questions can answered by e-mail or phone at | tel: (303) 837-2161. Reservations will be handled directly with the Boulder rental offices listed above.

Rules of the Road:

  1. Smoking is prohibited in any rental vehicle.
  2. Vehicle must be driven on roads “found on a map”, which could include Forest Service, BLM, National Grassland, et al. roads.
  3. If vehicle displays excessive dirt/mud at the conclusion of the rental, please wash vehicle prior to returning to the rental location.
  4. Clean excess mud/dirt that might have come in contact with the interior upholstery. 
  5. Avoid low hanging branches and overextending limbs in the roadway.
  6. Avoid treacherous road conditions when possible.
  7. In the event the renter encounters a roadside event, they must contact the Emergency 24 Hour Roadside Assistance number given by the rental office.

Local Rental Car Process Step-by-Step:

  1. Pick up or Drop off
  2. Reservation, via phone or web
  3. Use (See Rules of the Road above)
  4. Drop Off
  5. Payment

More tips are listed on our Rental Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions.

Summary: This is notification that the Lease Fleet at PTS is no longer the Motor Pool. Avis, Enterprise and Hertz, in conjunction with the State of Colorado Price Agreement, will fulfill temporary fleet needs. 

The current lease fleet vehicles will be available to University Departments for purchase and converting them into the CU fleet as needs dictate. We will use the month of September to allow departments to view the inventory and make decisions.

If you have any questions please contact our Fleet Manager, Mike Arato at or 303-492-2752.

Age/Training Requirements

  • Anyone 25 or younger who plans to lease a vehicle must complete the Online Defensive Driving Course before the start of the lease.
  • Anyone who has driving as a part of their job is required to complete the Online Defensive Driving Course .
  • Anyone (regardless of age) who wants to lease a 15-passenger van is required to take the 15 Passenger Van Training.
  • Some lease vehicles are considered Commercial Motor Vehicles, and operators are required to complete additional training and forms. Please contact 303-735-7152 for details.