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Approximately one million passengers board the Buff Buses each year!

Riders of these buses vary from elementary students and senior citizens to CU dignitaries and CU students. Use this to your advantage to promote your organization, your company or just to get information to students.

Bus Advertising Program Guidelines

  1. Interior advertising space is available on Buff Buses.
  2. Campus departments or organizations AND non-CU departments, organizations or businesses may advertise on the buses.
  3. All advertisements require approval by Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) and/or University of Colorado Strategic Relations Brand Compliance. PTS reserves the right to refuse advertisements that promote political, religious, personal, biased, slanderous, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate views. Please review CU-Boulder advertising guidelines before submitting artwork for approval.
  4. Advertisements must be submitted to PTS at least five days prior to the anticipated installation date.
  5. Advertisements become the property of PTS. If you would like the advertisements back after the month/semester in which they run, you must indicate this in the appropriate space on the advertising contract. Ads will be returned via campus mail to campus boxes, but off-campus advertisers have 30 days upon conclusion of the reservation date to collect their ads from the PTS office at 3205 Marine Street, Boulder, CO 80309. 

Reserving Ad Space

  1. To reserve a space, you must complete the advertising contract.
  2. Payment options include check, I.N. or speedtype. Payments must be made to PTS prior to placing the advertisements on the buses.
  3. Reservations are accepted in the order received and are subject to space availability. 

Advertisement Specifications

  1. The advertising department or business is responsible for the design and production of its advertisements.
  2. Ads must be sized 17”(W) x 11”(H). To outer dimensions.
  3. Ads must be laminated. 

Pricing Structure / Rates

  1. Bus advertising space on the buses is rented in monthly or semester increments.
  2. Pricing includes display of ads in all buses of a category. ($89 would get a non-university affiliate one month of ads on 5- 30' buses.)
  3. Pricing is determined on bus ridership.

Current Rates 

# of Fleet Buses Bus Size University Affiliated Year/Semester/Month Non-university affiliated Year/Semester/Month
5 30’ $265/$106/$53 $445/$178/$89
8 40’ $430/$172/$86 $665/$266/$133
7 60’ $375/$150/$75 $625/$250/$125

If you advertise on ALL buses you get a 10% discount! 


Bus Advertising Contract