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Before you ride on campus remember to:

  • Buy a helmet and wear it correctly.
  • Register your bike.
  • Install a light so you can safely and legally ride after dark.
  • Use a U-lock to help deter theft.
  • Be aware and respectful of pedestrians, skateboarders, and other cyclists.
  • Not lock your bike to anything other than a bicycle rack. Bicycles locked to trees, hand railings, garbage cans, etc. are subject to fines/impoundment.
  • Check out Colorado bicycling laws.

Bicycle Registration

Register your bike online!

  • Bike registration is free of charge and mandatory on campus.
  • Many homeowners and renters insurance policies will cover your bike if it’s stolen and has been registered.
  • Call 303-735-2705 for registration information.

If Your Bike is Missing

  • If a bike appears to be abandoned, was found locked to something other than a bike rack, impedes disability access or any kind of traffic, Parking and Transportation Services may have impounded the bike. To find out, submit a Missing Bike Inquiry.
  • Registered impounded bikes are held  for 90 days, and non-registered impounded bikes for 60 days.
  • If you believe your bicycle was stolen, call the campus police at 303-492-6666 or file an online report.
  • The easiest way to claim a lost, stolen or impounded bike is through registration records. Register your bike at either of our two bike stations. (Near the UMC, and Folsom Station near Engineering.)

Theft Prevention

University campuses can be a target for thieves. Following a few common sense guidelines can help keep your bike safe.

  • Register your bike; it's a theft deterrent and the only way to get a stolen bike back to you.
  • Protect your investment with a quality U-lock.
  • Always lock your bike, even if you’re only gone for a minute.
  • Consider getting a “beater” bike for campus use. A good thief can break through any lock given enough time. Having a bike just for commuting can save you the heartbreak and headache of losing a good bike.

Bike Program

The Bike Program is your one-stop shop for all things related to biking at CU. Operated by Parking & Transportation Services and the Environmental Center, the CU Bike Stations offer mechanic assistance, Buff Bike 2-day free rentals (free to faculty, staff and students!), and semester rentals.

Bike Stations:

Bike stations on campus offers numerous ways to help keep our campus cyclists in the saddle and enjoying the campus and Boulder's great environment. We value the bicycle as an effective means of commute and recreation, improving its users' health, mobility and economic vitality.


  • Bicycle registration, while primarily anti-theft, helps pay for the bike station and other campus bike enhancements, and is thus requested of those who bicycle on campus.
  • The bike station staff is here to help you with basic bicycle repairs. We are not a full service bike shop and therefore are limited by time, ability, staffing, and supplies. 
  • Our hope is that by teaching you how to keep your bike in working order we will help foster a strong campus cycling community.
  • We encourage you to take what you learn from us about maintaining your bike and pass it on to other members of the campus community.

UMC Bike Station: located east of the UMC at the Fine Arts Lawn. (The bike station will be open unless the predicted high temperature is below 40 degrees. For updated information check the CU Environmental Center website.)

Folsom Bike Station: located at the southwest corner of the Engineering Center.(The bike station will be open unless the predicted high temperature is below 40 degrees. For updated information check the CU Environmental Center website.)

Bike Station Services (a few highlights):

  • Cruiser bicycle rentals ("Buff Bikes")
  • Bicycle maintenance assistance
  • Transit schedules & maps
  • Bicycle and pedestrian path maps and information

Mobile Mechanic:

Mobile Mechanic appointments will be available during the winter season when the CU Bike Station is closed.  In spring, summer and fall, visit the CU Bike Station for bicycle registration and assistance with basic bike repairs. With the Mobile Mechanic service, make an appointment and one of our station mechanics will meet you at your bike to help out. This service is for bicycles registered with the University of Colorado, and is available on campus only. The mobile mechanic is capable of selling a bicycle registration to owners with unlocked bicycles and valid identification

Buff Bikes (Two-Day Rentals):  

90 Buff Bikes are ready for students and employees to rent. The bikes are single speed cruiser bikes with coaster brakes perfect for riding around campus, riding to lunch or attending an off-campus work meeting.  Buff Bikes are available for rent during regular bike station hours.

Rules of rental:

  1. rental is available to faculty, staff and students with a valid university ID (users must also know university ID number–not on card)
  2. rental is for one 48-hour checkout period
  3. rental is free of charge
  4. renewals are allowed, provided availability of a different bicycle
  5. bicycle must be returned in the same condition as checkout, with lock, key (not optional) and helmet (optional)
  6. user indemnifies the university and agrees to replacement costs in the case of loss
  7. user agrees to use bicycle responsibly, according to all applicable laws
  8. user agrees to park the bicycle at approved parking sites only (explicitly not including ADA access handrails or ramps)

Students, faculty/staff must show valid Buff OneCard. Guest, temporary or other university ID cards require prior approval for eligibility. Contact Rentals late after 7 days are reported to the CU Police and are subject to collection.

Feel free to contact the bicycle program for questions or comments at

Boulder B-cycle Bike Sharing Program

Boulder B-cycle is Boulder’s nonprofit bike-sharing program   

  • Check here for new stations coming in 2014
  • Students are eligible for discounted annual or semester passes
  • Check out a bike from any station around Boulder, and return it to any B-cycle station
  • Take as many short trips as you want, with no wait time between rides
  • Usage fees apply to all rides over 30 minutes

Find out how bike sharing works, locations, and how to become a member of Boulder B-Cycle here.

Electric Bicycles on Campus

The Boulder City Council has adopted an ordinance to authorize a pilot project allowing electric-assist bicycles (e-bikes) on paved multi-use paths, not including paths on Open Space and Mountain Parks lands. On campus we have temporarily adjusted the University of Colorado at Boulder Parking and Traffic Regulations to coincide with the pilot ordinance. This means that on campus e-bikes, as defined in Section I.C.3 of the regulations, are “permitted to be operated on designated multi-use paths on, through, and around the CU Boulder Campus, unless otherwise indicated. In addition, e-bikes may be operated anyplace that a regular bicycle may be operated, EXCEPT that they may only use the electric assist while operated on motor-vehicle facilities (including bike lanes) and on designated multi-use paths. An e-bike operated on any other campus sidewalk may only do so exclusively under human power.” Check out the amended Regulations on the Parking and Transportation Services website, and the City’s pilot ordinance located on the City of Boulder website.

More bicycle information