Scott I. Vrieze

Scott Vrieze
Assistant Professor • Behavioral, Psychiatric, and Statistical Genetics • Clinical
Psychology and Neuroscience • Institute for Behavioral Genetics

Office: Muenzinger D320C, IBG 256

Education: PhD, University of Minnesota, 2012

Research Interests: My research's primary focus is on genetic and environmental influences on addiction, especially on substance use and abuse in adolescence and early adulthood. I use a variety of research designs in this effort, including genetic association studies as well as longitudinal twin and adoption designs. I think there is very significant value in integrating research from high-powered genetic association meta-analyses, as well as richly phenotyped longitudinal cohorts. It is also critical that addiction researchers continue to refine our phenotypes, and genetic association studies using biomarkers will be important to characterize genetic and environmental mechanisms of etiology. In the pursuit of biologically refined and informed measures we cannot, however, lose site of the importance of clinical phenotypes like addiction and dependence.