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Important Info:

If you have a special need or disability, please notify the Physics Office, 303-492-6952, a few days in advance of the show you will be attending. Best wheelchair access to Duane Physics is through the east doors.

2014-2015 Wizards schedule is in progress...Watch this space!! 


Here is the 2013-2014 CU Wizards Schedule!

Eric Cornell

Shows are one Saturday a month, September through June. All shows begin at 9:30 a.m and are located on the CU Boulder campus.

Although we do not anticipate it, the schedule is subject to change, please check this website for the most up to date schedule.

CU Wizards 2013-2014 Schedule

10/19/2013: Prof. Janet de Grazia, Go With the Flow!, Cristol Chem 140

11/9/2013: Profs. Joe Maclennan & Dave Walba, The Liquid Crystals Wizard Show!, Duane G1B30

12/7/2013: Prof. Casey Hynes, Water, Water, Everywhere!, Cristol Chem 140

1/18/2014: Prof. Mathias Weber, Sink or Swim!, Cristol Chem 140

2/22/2014: Prof. Steve Pollock, Whispers and Bangs: The Physics of Sound and Music!, Duane G1B30

3/15/2014: Prof. Paul Beale, Time Flies!, Duane G1B30

4/26/2014: Prof. Moni Fleshner, Immunity in Health and Disease: The Army Within!, Cristol Chem 140

5/17/2014: Susan Marie Frontczak, A Visit With Marie Curie, Cristol Chem 140

6/21/2014: Profs. Deborah Jin & John Bohn, The Physics of Sports!, Duane G1B30

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