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Photos from 2014-2015 Season

Important Info:

If you have a special need or disability, please notify the Physics Office, 303-492-6952, a few days in advance of the show you will be attending. Best wheelchair access to Duane Physics is through the east doors.

  Happy Autumn!

CU Wizards October 2015

"Whispers & Bangs!
The Physics of Sound & Music"

Presented by Professor Steven Pollock

October 24, 2015 - 9:30 am-10:30 am

Duane Physics G1B30
Pollock Show


Here is the 2014-2015 CU Wizards Schedule!

Eric Cornell

Shows are one Saturday a month, September through June. All shows begin at 9:30 a.m and are located on the CU Boulder campus.

Although we do not anticipate it, the schedule is subject to change, please check this website for the most up to date schedule.

CU Wizards 2014-2015 Schedule

Photos from the 2014-2015 Season 

09/27/2014: Prof. Lew Harvey, Illusion and Reality: The Science of Perception.,  Duane G1B30

10/18/2014: Prof. Veronica Bierbaum, The Magic of Chemistry.,  Cristol Chem 140

11/8/2014: Prof. Eric Cornell, Speed!,  Duane G1B30

12/6/2014: Prof. Steve Brown, Chemistry of the Atmosphere., Cristol Chem 140

1/17/2015: Prof. Michael Dubson, Boom!  The Physics of Sound and Music., Duane G1B30

2/21/2015: Profs. Deborah Wuttke and Dylan Taatjes, Biochemistry for Kids.,
Cristol Chem 140

3/14/2015: Prof. Konrad Lehnert, Waves and Radios: The Physics of the Information Age., Duane G1B30

4/25/2015: Prof. Steve George, The Chemistry of Energy.,  Cristol Chem 140

5/16/2015: Prof. Tom Perkins, From Big to Very Small: Microscopy & the Powers of 10.,  Duane G1B30

6/20/2015: Prof. Niels Damrauer, The Chemistry of Solar Fuels: Learning to Harness the Sun., Cristol Chem 140

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