Theoretical Advanced Study Institute in Elementary Particle Physics (TASI)

University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

June 2-27, 2008

The Dawn of the LHC Era

Lecturers and Topics:

Howie Baer  (FSU) - Collider Signal II: Missing energy including SUSY, Tp, KKp etc., and dark matter connection

Marcela Carena (FNAL) - Collider Signal III: SM/SUSY Higgs searches at LHC, etc.

Luc M. Demortier (Rockefeller) - Data treatments, signal/backgrounds, statistics
Bogdan Dobrescu (FNAL) - Intro to extra dimensions: ADD, UED, RS, and dual to TC, etc.

Scott Dodelson (FNAL) - WMAP, SDSS, other observations; cosmological parameters

Concha Gonzalez-Garcia (SUNY-Stony Brook/ICREA) - Theory of neutrino masses and oscillations, Majorana mass, phenomenology and LHC

Yual Grossman (Cornell) - SM flavor structure; quark mass, mixing and CPV, connection to LHC

Dan Hooper (FNAL) - Direct and indirect DM searches, and connection to collider physics

David E. Kaplan (Johns Hopkins) - Non-standard: U(1), SUL(2) x SUR(2), SU(5), SO(10), etc.

Will Kinney (SUNY-Buffalo) - Inflation, density perturbation, BBN, baryogenesis/leptogenesis

Paul Langacker (IAS) - Intro to the SM; EW precision physics

Lynn Orr (Rochester) - PDF, jets, QCD processes and QCD radiative corrections

Tilman Plehn (Edinburgh) - Kinematics to dynamics; signals/backgrounds; calculational tools/packages

Kate Scholberg (Duke) - Super K, SNO, Kamland, ν-less double β-decay, etc., etc.

Yuri Shirman (UC-Irvine) - Intro to SUSY; soft breaking parameters; SUSY breaking models and mediations

Gary Shiu (Madison) - Intro to strings; attempts for models; brane world, etc.

Tim Tait (Argonne/Northwestern) - Collider Signal I: Resonances--,Z', W', RS, lepton-quark/R-parity breaking, asymmetries

Tom Weiler (Vanderbilt) - Astro particle physics, AUGER, ν- telescopes etc., and new physics search

Peter Wittich (Cornell) - Accelerators/detectors, objects, sample searches and all that theorists should know

John Womersley (Sci & Tech Facilities Council, UK) - Public lecture: “Revealing the Quantum Universe – the Large Hadron Collider”


Program Directors

Tao Han (UW - Madison)

Robin Erbacher (UC - Davis)


The program will consist of a pedagogical series of lectures and seminars. Lectures will be given over a four-week period, three or four lectures per day, Monday through Friday. The audience will be composed primarily of advanced theoretical graduate students. Experimentalists with a strong background in theory are also encouraged to apply. Some post-doctoral fellows will be admitted, but preference will be given to applicants who will not have received their Ph.D. before 2008. The minimum background needed to get full benefit of TASI is a knowledge of quantum field theory (including RGEs) and familiarity with the Standard Model. Some familiarity with SUSY and string theory would be helpful. We hope to provide some subsidy, but students will need partial support from other sources. Rooms, meals, and access to all facilities will be provided at reasonable rates in beautifully located dormitories at the University of Colorado.