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Physics alumni and friends are in great company. The CU-Boulder Department of Physics is a global leader in teaching, learning and research.  Physics is ranked as one of the top 10 departments among public universities and a top 20 department overall. Most notably, the department is ranked as the best graduate program in the nation in the field of atomic, molecular and optical physics.  Also, the department received First Prize in the 2008 CU President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Leadership in Graduate and Professional School Student Success.

Physics students have the opportunity to study and work with the best teachers and scientists. The department hosts three Nobel laureates, two McArthur fellows, six members of the National Academy of Sciences, and four members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The Department provides relevant programs and hands-on experience for over 300 undergraduate majors.  Physics also supports over 200 graduate students in these top programs. This number represents a 70% growth in graduate enrollment in 10 years.  Work experience while studying is an essential while at CU.  Many students work in laboratories such as LASP and JILA, which provide exposure to world-class scientists.

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