Physics Research Opportunities Seminars

Unless noted, seminars take place on Mondays from 12-12:50 PM in the Commons Room, on the 11th floor of the Gamow Tower in Duane Physics. Each week there will be two 20 minute talks presented.

Pizza will be served

To schedule a talk, please contact Alysia Marino, Alysia.Marino at

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Website Title of Presentation
Sept 13 Dana Anderson Website Practical Things to Do with Cold Atoms: Atom Gyroscopes, Transistors and Computing
Sept 13 Nils Halverson Website Probing the Early Universe with the Cosmic Microwave Background
Sept 20 Jason Glenn Website Finding the First Galaxies in the Universe with a New Generation of Superconducting Detector Arrays
Sept 20 Kevin Stenson Website Particle Physics at the LHC: Switzerland has more than chocolate and fondue to offer
Sept 27 Kyle McElroy Website Mapping electron correlations at atomic distances
Sept 27 Alysia Marino Website Beaming neutrinos across Japan
Oct 4 Margaret Murnane / Henry Kapteyn Website Attosecond Light and Science at the Timescale of the Electron
Oct 4 Peter Bender, JILA Website Time Variation in Gravitational MassDistribution from Satellites
Oct 11 Andreas Becker Website Theory of ultrafast processes in intense laser-matter interaction
Oct 11 Raphael Piestun Website 3D single-molecule imaging with a double-helix optical response
Oct 18 Dan Dessau Website Phun with Photoelectrons: the electronic structure of high Tc superconductors (and other materials, time permitting)
Oct 18 Juliet Gopinath Website Ultrafast and reconfigurable lasers and devices
Oct 25 James Nagle Website Quark-Gluon Plasma Physics Experiments
Oct 25 Joe MacLennan Website Physics in Two Dimensions: Liquid Crystal Films
Nov 1 Noel Clark Website Liquid Crystals and the Origin of Life
Nov 1 Marcus Raschke Website Ultrafast nano-optics
Nov 8 David Nesbitt Website Laser-Based Studies of Quantum State-Resolved Dynamics: Physics with Molecules!
Nov 8 Tom Perkins Website Single Molecule Biophysics
Nov 15 Charles Rogers Website 2-Dimensional Systems of Molecular Rotors
Nov 15 Mihály Horányi Website Complex (dusty) Space Plasmas"
Nov 22 FALL BREAK No Seminar

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