Physics Faculty Research Seminars

Unless noted, seminars take place on Mondays from 12-12:50 PM in the Commons Room, on the 11th floor of the Gamow Tower in Duane Physics. Each week there will be two ~20 minutes talks presented.

Lunch will be served

To schedule a talk, please contact Alysia Marino, Alysia.Marino at

Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
October 12 Margaret Murnane, Physics Department Harnessing Attosecond Science
October 12 Kevin Stenson, Physics Department Particle Physics: Now with diamonds and black holes
October 19 Michael Hermele, Physics Department Weird magnetism and topological liquids with ultracold atoms
October 19 Mihály Horányi, Department of Physics and Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics SPACE (plasmas): The final frontier!
October 26 Ed Kinney, Physics Department Exploring the quark gluon sea inside the nucleon
October 26 David Nesbitt, JILA & Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Physics with Molecules: From High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy to Single Molecule Microscopy
November 2 Jason Glenn, Department of Physics, and Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences New Technologies for Observationally Characterizing Galaxies at Their Epoch of Formation
November 2 Heather Lewandowski, Department of Physics and JILA Millikelvin Molecular Interactions
November 9 Jamie Nagle, Physics Department Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics
November 9 Minhyea Lee, Physics Department Probing Many Body Physics in Solid State Systems
November 16 Charles Rogers, Physics Department Artificial systems of molecular rotors: Designing them and searching for new phases of matter
November 16 Milos Popovic, Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering Cavity nanophotonics and light-forces-based nano-optomechanics: from fundamental concepts to device implementation
November 23 FALL BREAK No Seminar
November 30 Kyle McElroy, Department of Physics Mapping correlated electrons on atomic lengthscales
November 30 Andreas Becker, Department of Physics Ultrafast atomic, molecular and optical physics
December 7 Juliet Gopinath, Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering, and Department of Physics Ultrafast and Ultrabright Lasers
December 7 Nils Halverson, Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences and Department of Physics Wrikles in space-time: New detectors for probing inflation with the South Pole Telescope

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