Spring 2009 Physics Faculty Research Seminars

Unless noted, seminars take place on Wednesdays from 10-10:50 AM in the Cookie Room, G1B31 on the 1B level. Each week there will be two ~20 minutes talks presented.

Coffee, tea and cookies will be served at 9:45 AM

To schedule a talk, please contact Alysia Marino, Alysia.Marino at colorado.edu

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
February 25 David Nesbitt, JILA Doing Physics with Molecules: Single (Bio)Molecule Microscopy and Collisions at the Gas-Liquid Interface
February 25 Edward Kinney, Physics Department Exploring the quark-gluon Sea inside the nucleon
March 4 Kevin Stenson, Phyiscs Department Physics at the (High) Energy Frontier
March 4 Alysia Marino, Physics Deptartment T2K: Beaming neutrinos across Japan
March 11 Henry Kapteyn, Physics Deptartment and JILA Ultrafast x-rays
March 11 Jerry Peterson, Physics Department Applications of Nuclear Science
March 18 Michael Hermele Quantum Field Theory in a Cryostat
March 18 Ivan Smalyukh,Physics Department Research opportunities at the interface of soft condensed matter physics, biophysics, and photonics
March 25 SPRING BREAK No Seminar
April 1 Jason Glenn, Physics Department and Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Department Improving Our Understanding of Star Formation and GalaxyFormation in the Universe: Observations and Instrumentation at Far-Infrared through Millimeter Wavelengths
April 1 Meredith Betterton, Physics Deptartment Theoretical biophysics research: molecular motors and motor-filament interactions
April 8 Andreas Becker, Physics Department and JILA Ultrafast Atomic and Molecular Physics
April 8 James Nagle, Physics Department The Physics of the Quark Gluon Plasma