Physics Research Opportunities Seminars

Unless noted, seminars take place on Mondays from 12-12:50 PM in the Commons Room, on the 11th floor of the Gamow Tower in Duane Physics. Each week there will be two 20 minute talks presented.

Lunch will be served

To schedule a talk, please contact Alysia Marino, Alysia.Marino at

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Website Title of Presentation
Sept 12 Markus Raschke Website Antennas for light: spectroscopy on the nanoscale
Sept 12 Meredith Betterton Website Biophysics of Motor Protiens and Cell Division
Sept 19 James Thompson Website Breaking Quantum and Thermal Limits
Sept 19 Dan Dessau Website Phun with Photoelectrons - the Electronic Structure of High Temperature Superconductors and Other Novel Materials
Sept 26 Dana Anderson Website Putting Ultracold Atoms To Good Use
Sept 26 David Nesbitt Website Physics with Biomolecules: A Chemical Physics Perspective
Oct 3 Mihnyea Lee Website Many Body Physics in Novel Materials and Making Use of It for Sensors, Energy-Harvesting, and More
Oct 3 Kent Irwin, NIST Cosmology with Quantum Sensors
Oct 10 Juliet Gopinath Website Ultrafast and Reconfigurable Laser Devices
Oct 10 Kyle McElroy Webiste Mapping Electron Correlations at Atomic Distances
Oct 17 Tom Perkins Website Single Molecule Biophysics
Oct 24 Joel Ullom, NIST Quantum Calorimetry
Oct 24 Rainer Volkamer, Chemistry Department and CIRES Website Atmospheric physics at the interface of Air Quality and Climate
Oct 31 Eric Zimmerman Website Measuring Neutrino Properties with Long Distance Beams (Just don't ask about how fast they travel!)
Nov 14 James Nagle website Measuring Properties of the Quark Gluon Plasma
Nov 14 Paul Romatschke website Extreme QCD: Colliders, Black Holes, and Neutron Stars

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