Program Review Self-Study

Question 1: Unit Overview
Task: Please provide an overview of your unit, including a summary of the resource requests justified elsewhere in the reporting.

Question 2: Faculty Support
Task: Please describe how your unit's faculty are hired, supported, and retained.

Question 3: Undergraduate Education
Task: Please describe how effective are the unit's undergraduate programs.

Question 4: Graduate Education
Task: Please describe how effective are the unit's graduate education programs.

Question 5: Research
Task: Please describe how effective are the unit's research programs.

Question 6: Space and Infrastructure
Task: Please describe the unit's needs for space and infrastructure.

Question 7: Strategic Planning
Task: Please describe what are the unit's strategic goals and aspirations.

Question 8: 2030 Campus Strategic Initiative
Task: Please discuss the relationship between your unit's strategic goals and aspirations and the 2030 planning document.

Question 9: The Role of Non-Departmental Units
Task: Since not all units under review are regular degree-granting departments, such units should use this question as an open opportunity to describe their mission and its relation to other departments, research units, schools and colleges, and the campus.

QUESTION 10: Diversity
Task: Address enhanced diversity as a unit goal.

QUESTION 11: Mentoring
Task: Describe your mentoring process.

QUESTION 12: Bylaws
Task: Attach a copy of your bylaws.

QUESTION 13: Assessment
Task: Describe your unit's undergraduate and graduate outcomes assessment procedures.


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Duane Floor Plans

Program Review Guidelines

External Review Committee Report