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The Four Corners Section Meeting (4CF05) Parallel Session 3

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Saturday Oct 15th: Parallel Session 3

Parallel Session 3- 11:00-12:00
Field: Astronomy  
Room G131
Chair: Jerry Peterson   Judges: Bill Evenson/Keith Dienes
Time Presenter Level Title
11:00-11:12 Joshua Kaggie Undergraduate Applications of Image Processing Techniques Ground-based Gamma Ray Astronomy
11:12-11:24 Eric Hallman   Limitations on Precision Cosmology using Mass Measurements of Galaxy Clusters
11:24-11:36 Gary Finnegan Undergraduate Precision Cable Fabrication for the Veritas Gamma Ray Telescopes
11:36-11:48 David Bartlett   Sinusoidal Potential and Cosmology
11:48-12:00 Kelly Freed Undergraduate The Star Formation Environment of the IRAM 04191+1522 Protostar
Parallel Session 3- 11:00-12:00
Field: AMO  
Room G2B47
Chair: John Bohn   Judges: Bill Fairbanks/Sui Au Lee
Time Presenter Level Title
11:00-11:12 Jain   Density Functional Theory calculation of the low energy electronic structures and properties of small Au clusters
11:12-11:24 Buin Graduate Saturation Effect in the Optical Response of Ag-Nanoparticle Fractal Aggregates
11:24-11:36 Baker Undergraduate X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy to Examine Molecular Composition
11:36-11:48 Hala El-Khozondar   Band Reject Filter for Optical Frequencies Using Periodic and Nonlinear Media
Parallel Session 3- 11:00-12:00
Field: Condensed Matter   Room G125
Chair: Davor Balzar   Judge: Mark Riffe
Time Presenter Level Title
11:00-11:12 Robert Davis Undergraduate Gallium Nitride Nanowire Growth and FET Device and Biosensor Fabrication
11:12-11:24 Robert Davis Undergraduate Capacitance Measurements on Single VO 2 Particles
11:24-11:36 Yuri Dahnovsky   Active Transport Orbitals in Electron Propagator Calculations on Molecular Wires
11:36-11:48 Johnathan Abbott Undergraduate Comparison of Methods for Determining Crossover Energies in Insulators
11:48-12:00 Ryan Hoffman Graduate The Effects of Electron Dose on Electron Emission and Charging in Insulators
12:00-12:12 Christopher Braniff   Synthesis and Characterization of Manganese Oxide Nanocrystals
Parallel Session 3- 11:00-12:00
Field: Education   Room G2B60
Chair: Al Bartlett   Judges: Kathy Perkins/Matt Nehring
Time Presenter Level Title
11:00-11:12 Wendy Adams Graduate Men and women know experts' beliefs about science, but disagree
11:12-11:24 Katherine Perkins   Correlating students' beliefs about physics with learning, retention, and recruitment
11:24-11:36 Noah Podolefsky   Suzie Doesn't Read (the textbook) - And She's Getting an A

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