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The Four Corners Section Meeting (4CF05) Parallel Session 2

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Saturday Oct 15th: Parallel Session 2

Parallel Session 2— 9:00-10:30
Field: Astro-hiRes and Auger  
Room G131
Chair: Keith Deines   Judges: Jerry Peterson/Jim McNeil
Time Presenter Level Title
9:00-9:12 K. Belov   The High Resolution Fly's Eye Detector
9:12-9:24 M. Maestas   FLASH- Measurement of Fluorescence yield in Air Showers
9:24-9:36 W. Deng   A Neutrino Aperture Calculation for the HiRes Air Fluorescence Detector
9:36-9:48 W. Hanlon   The Measurement of the UHECR spectrum using the HiRes Dector in stereoscopic mode
9:48-10:00 Yulia Fedorova   Cosmic Ray Composition Measurements by the HiRes Detector
10:00-10:12 R. Abbasi   A Cross-Correlation study of the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with BL Lacertae objects
10:12-10:24 Robert Knapik Graduate Multi-Wavelength Calibration of the Pierre Auger Fluorescence Detectors
10:24-10:36 Alexander Panin   Measuring Newtonian gravitational constant G
Parallel Session 2- 9:00-10:30
Field: Condensed Matter  
Room G125
Chair: Joe Maclennan   Judges: Dieter Hocheimer/John Aidun
Time Presenter Level Title
9:00-9:12 J.L. Taraci   Strain Mapping in Si-Ge Nanowire
9:12-9:24 John J. Adams Graduate Elastic Constants of Iron from 3 to 500K
9:24-9:36 Gus Hart   Ordering Tedencies in the binary allows of Rh,Ir,Ph, and Pt
9:36-9:48 M. Sharma Graduate Epitaxial growth of Au on W (110): analyis of core level shifts and line shapes
9:48-10:00 R.T. Franckowiak Graduate Surface Core-Level Shifts of W (110) and W (320) with Increasing Coverages of Ni
10:00-10:12 Shannon R. Walch Undergraduate Study of Metallic Structure Correlating to Screening Potential
10:12-10:24 K. Nidhan   Real time measurement of semiconductor dielectric functions using femtosecond ellipsometry
Parallel Session 2—9:00-10:30
Field: Particle   Room G2B47
Chair: Eric Zimmerman   Judges: Bill Fairbanks/Matt Nehring
Time Presenter Level Title
9:00-9:12 J. Figgins Undergraduate XML Based Detector Description for Monte Carlo Simulations
9:12-9:24 B. Walker Undergraduate A Modular, Flexible Framework for Monte Carlo Simulations in Subatomic Physics
9:24-9:36 Eric Hazlett Undergraduate NuMi Off-Axis Electron Neutrino Appearance Experiment
9:36-9:48 Adam Pearlstein Graduate Electron Neutrino Appearance for Various Long Baselines Using GLOBES
9:48-10:00 David Peak   Biconformal Yang-Mills gravity
Parallel Session 2- 9:00-10:30
Field: Plasma  
Room G2B60
Chair: Tobin Munsat   Judges: TBA
Time Presenter
9:00-9:12 John James Graduate Temperature Evolution in Fusion Plasmas
9:12-9:24 Ross Spencer   Fenix: A Numerical Simulation of the ICP-MS
9:24-9:36 Ross Spencer   Testing a Direct Simulation Monte Carlo algorithm using Diffusion Theory
9:36-9:48 Matthew Harrison Undergraduate Using a Conical von Hamos Spectrometer to Monitor X-ray Emission from Laser Produced Plasmas
9:48-10:00 Demiral Akbar   Spatial Variations of Non-Uniform Argon Glow Discharge System
10:00-10:12 Michael Addae-Kagyah   Simulation of Plasma Wave Damping Using Two Physical Models of the Ion Stress Tensor

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