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The Four Corners Section Meeting (4CF05) Parallel Session 1

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Friday Oct 14th: Parallel Session 1

Parallel Session 1—3:45-5:30
Field: Atmospheric  
Room G131
Chair: Brian Toon  


Time Presenter Level Title

Thomas Taylor


  An Operational Retrieval Algorithm for Estimating Column Ozone and Aerosol Properties: Improvements and initial results
3:57-4:09 Kevin Schaefer   The Winter Arctic Oscillation, the Timing of Spring, and Carbon Fluxes in the Northern Hemisphere
4:09-4:21 Sebastian Schmidt   Relating the optical remote sensing of cirrus clouds to spectral irradiance: relative energy budget and climate considerations
4:21-4:33 Rebecca Garland Graduate Response of aerosol light extinction to changes in relative humidity
4:33-4:45 Jacqualine Jackson Undergraduate Spectrally Tunable Light Source for Remote Ocean Color Sensing
4:45-4:57 Tao Li   Coordinated Lidar and Timed observations of the quasi-two-day wave during August 2002-2004 and the possible quasi-biennial oscillation influence
4:57-5:09 Jamison Smith   The origin of stratospheric water vapor and resolution of the stratospheric isotope paradox
5:09-5:21 Sean Harrell Graduate Understanding the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Using General Physics
Parallel Session 1- 3:45-5:30
Field: Condensed Matter  
Room G125
Chair: Leo Radzihovsky  

Judges: Dieter Hocheimer/John Aidun

Time Presenter Level Title
3:45-3:57 William Tiernan   Evidence for a Percolative Superconducting Transition in Melt-Textured Growth YBCO
3:57-4:09 Shahid Qamar Graduate DNA Translocation through a Cyclodextrin Ring: A Molecular Dynamics Study
4:09-4:21 Daniel E. Sheehy   BEC-BCS crossover in "magnetized" Feshbach resonantly paired superfluids
4:21-4:33 Jerilyn Brunson   Measuring Resistivity of Extreme Insulators
4:33-4:45 Stephen Robinson Graduate A low-temperature transport study of Ga-implemented wires in Si
Parallel Session 1—3:45-5:30
Field: Particle/Nuclear  
Room G2B47
Chair: Kevin Stenson   Judge: Bill Fairbanks/David Kieba
Time Presenter Level Title
3:45-3:57 John E. Ellsworth   Facilities for Testing d-d Fusion Reactions Enhanced by Metals
3:57-4:09 Aziz N. Behkami   Energy Dependence of the Spin Cut-off Parameter and the Effective Moment of Inertia
4:09-4:21 Joshua Spitz Undergraduate T2K Beam Monte Carlo Simulation
4:21-4:33 Jung Doo Lee   Development of the UNO template fitter
4:33-4:45 Zhaofeng Liu   Renormalization of Bilinear Quark Operators for Overlap Fermions
4:45-4:57 Edward Cecil   Applications of two devices in JET vacuum vessel near plasma boundary

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