Physics 2000 Einstein's Legacy TV Screens

Merging Color

I understand how color mixing works, but there aren't stage lights or paints inside my television. How does one beam of electrons make three different colors?

Good point, Kyla. There are actually three electron beams and three different kinds of phosphors. Each electron beam is directed by a grid to land on a phosphor of the same color. That way you have three different colors to mix.

The thing I still don't understand is that each phosphor is a distinct color. How does that count as mixing? When you view these different colored dots from a distance, they add together just like the stage lights. Take a look at this:

Spin the dials to add or subtract a color.
Move the slider to zoom in and out.

That's cool! I feel like I've learned about a lot of things today. We've talked about electrons, magnets, and color! I guess I still have some questions, though. Do computer and laptop screens work the same way?

Most computer monitors do, Kyla, but laptops are a different story...

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