Physics 2000 Science Trek

In this part of Physics-2000 we learn about concepts in basic science which led to the inventions of our favorite gadgets. It's a chance to go where few have ever been - into the mind of the theoretical scientist.

Electromagnetic Waves

Learn about light and invisible waves like radio and TV waves, microwaves and x-rays. Where do they come from? Where do they go?

Quantum Atom

Yes, you can understand the ideas of quantum theory - and you have to in order to really know what an atom is and how things like computers, CD-players, lasers and a whole lot of other things work.


What is the relation between that pair of polaroid sunglasses you wear at the beach and your digital watch?

Elements as Atoms

OK, so Quantum Atom taught us what a hydrogen atom is. Can we understand other atoms? And what does it have to do with SPIN?

The Periodic Table

How do we classify all the "stuff" in the universe? What makes a metal a metal? Learn how to "read" the periodic table of the elements.

Isotopes & Radioactivity

Does radioactivity scare you? What does it really mean and what is an isotope?

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