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I do not keep this page carefully updated. Please see the PER@CU (Physics Education Research at Colorado) website. (You can find my papers there, for example)

Below are some documents and links for papers and projects I'm working on in Physics Education research.
These are largely talks: for education research papers go to the PER@CU publications page
(You can find my generic CU home page here. Here is a detailed CV , as of the start of 2012.)

Teaching Resources

General PER Talks and papers

Student engagement in large lectures

During the 2000-'01 academic year, I participated in the Pew/Carnegie teaching scholar's program, which led to a lot of informal (SOTL) work in my classes.

Implementing tutorials, with use of Learning Assistants

Physics 1110/1120 (Calculus based intro sequence at CU) is instituting a completely reformed recitation section starting in Fa '03, based on University of Washington's tutorials . We are supported locally by a CCLI adaptation and implementation grant, PhysTec , and an NSF funded STEM-TP grant . The latter allows us to support undergraduate Learning Assistants who team-teach these tutorials. This involves a weekly Physics Education Seminar (content training), and a separate course in the School of Education for the LA's.

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