Physics 2000 Science Trek Polarization

Twisting Light

Let's take a look at the following experiment. This is very similar to the previous experiment that we did using three filters, but now there are many more filters. We saw that inserting the middle filter allowed us to "twist" the light, so that light got through even though the two end filters were perpendicular to each other.

1) Start out with a few 'steps', or polarizing filters.
2) Untwist the light completely.
3) Adjust the twist and watch how it affects the light.
4) Leave the twist in one place and adjust the number of filters.

I understand! The more filters you use, the more you can twist the light without it fading. I can vary the intensity of the light by the amount I twist it and by the number of polarizing filters that I pass it through.

Kyla, it sounds to me like you've just graduated from Polarization 101.

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